• executive chef
    鈴木 章史A.Suzuki
    I have a background in honing my skills at restaurants in Sapporo and have opened Italian restaurants in Shari, Hokkaido, and Sapporo. Since then, I have continued to weave together delicate, dynamic, and vibrant dishes that convey the true flavors of the ingredients, always keeping the producers' intentions in mind.

Hokkaidoʼs Seasonal Flavors.
A Season-by-season Fusion of Techniques.

We travel to locations throughout the island of Hokkaido to find a multitude of fresh,
valued ingredients, meticulously selected using our own eyes and taste buds.
Using these ingredients at the peak of flavor for each season, our Italian chef with a fine understanding of
local produce will bring you a genre-transcending,
unforgettable dish through techniques.

This is Oku-Jozankei Italian cuisine!

The concept of Kasho-Gyoen's "Seasonal Cuisine" is to design each dish to preserve the flavor of Hokkaido's blessed environment, and abundant ingredients of meat, seafood, and vegetables. This is the only place where you can enjoy Oku-Jozankei Italian cuisine.
The main meat dishes are primarily made from fillets using Hokkaido beef and "Shiraoi Beef" loin, one of Hokkaido’s three major beef brands. Cooking methods and presentation vary depending on the season, weather and temperature of the day, so please come and enjoy your meal.

Hokkaido Brand Beef
in the Best Dish

The chef himself has carefully selected the best beef for this dish, which we hope you will enjoy. Even those who say they are not fond of beef are impressed by the chef's selection.
Hokkaido brand beef is tender and juicy, and our expert chefs cook it in ways that bring out the best of each individual flavor.
We place importance on enhancing the flavor of the beef for your pleasure through our specially selected salt, red wine sauce and truffle sauce.

How about a
Perfectly Paired Wine?

Enjoy champagnes and wines, red and white, suggested by our sommelier to complement each course.

In addition, our seasonal line-up includes local Hokkaido wines and sake as well as
long-established wines from around the world.
We also offer a variety of prestige wines.

Dinner on a special day,
the radiant smile of your loved one.

The interior, which uses plenty of natural materials,
provides a warmth as if wrapped in a sophisticated atmosphere.
We offer single rooms that provide private spaces and seats to view the night scenery of the pond, trees,
and the open-air terrace illuminated by the lights.
The newly added restaurant from the early summer of 2022 extends toward the pond
and provides a bountiful time to be spent in a more spacious place.

The next morning, take your time and enjoy breakfast amid the refreshing scenery that spreads out in front of you.
The food is prepared as a traditional Japanese set meal.