A Tale of Mother Nature,
With Trees and Flowers that have Grown with the Hotel.

Our relaxing garden is the debut appearance of the trees and plants that have been raised in loving care here, including the Sakhalin firs,
Japanese maples, and Eurasian maples that welcome our guests in front of the hotel’s entrance.
And surrounding these is the single entity of the primeval forest. In each season, at each visit, the forest spins the yarns of a beautiful story of the seasons.
Kasho Gyoen has long been beloved by our guests since opening in 1989 as a purely Japanese-style ryokan inn.

We have inherited our forerunners’ spirit of hospitality to welcome you afresh to Kasho Gyoen in 2018:
a hotel with the same name, but a new form and new service.

The gently swaying flame invites you,
a place of relaxationbeyond time.

The lobby is a space of relaxation, in the middle of which is a sunken hearth made of Sapporo soft stone.
The library, where you can have a peaceful time while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the four seasons,
is prepared with books that will familiarize you with scenic and historic places, and arts and culture.
A special atmosphere lingers, connecting history to the present and bringing together memories
and antiques passed down through the inn.